About HUUMë

Our History

HUUMë is a natural and organic skincare company, committed to producing handcrafted skin care products through using fully natural, sustainably-sourced ingredients.

The origin behind our company name derives from our key ingredient, bentonite clay, which in Albanian language is also referred to as “humë”. As the letter “u” is slightly extended when pronouncing the term, we decided to give the phonetical emphasis a visual representation by adding a second “u”, which ultimately led us to naming our company as it is today.

The Journey

From a small kitchen table, we decided to embark on our journey inspired by a vision to merge past traditions with modern day trends, with the aim of building an established international brand which encourages a healthier approach to personal care.

Initially, having started off with our signature bentonite clay shampoo bar, with time we have gradually and consistently expanded our product range by offering a wide selection of different types of products, tailored to various skin types and concerns.

A Promise

We strongly believe in harnessing the power of nature through using fully natural ingredients to produce a wide range of healthy skincare and haircare products.

Today, more than ever, we remain committed to our craft by consistently expanding our product range made with the finest ingredients.

We are also determined to fully transition to eco-friendly packaging, on all of our products, within the near future.

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