Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) are mandatory to continue using the services and products of HUUMë, and at the moment of their acceptance, are treated as a contract between: HUUMë, a limited liability company in Kosovo, with branches in the Republic of Kosovo, Prishtina, Rr. Jonuz Zejnullahu no. 28, with unique identification number 810097338, and you as a User, based on the data provided at the time of your registration on the platform. Individually, you will be referred to as “party “, and jointly you will be referred to as “parties”.


Thank you for choosing the HUUMë platform, and our services (referred to as “Services”). The reason for using these terms is that their entirety creates a contractual relationship between HUUMë and you as a User. We request that these terms of use be read carefully by you. Acceptance of the terms and conditions will be considered that a contract has been created between HUUMë and you as a user.

HUUMë platform is an electronic online platform, where Users will have the opportunity to buy all products produced by HUUMë online and delivery shall be made at the designated place of the User.

Also, these conditions define the rules on privacy and protection of personal data in accordance with the applicable laws of the Republic of Kosovo. In case the User does not agree with any part of these Terms, the User must leave the site and stop using it.

1. Intellectual rights

All content of the platform, including trademarks, distinctive titles, texts, news, photos, images, services provided are the property of HUUMë and are treated and protected in accordance with the relevant provisions of Kosovo copyright laws, trademark and patent, in relation to intellectual and industrial property, but with the exception of rights protected by third parties, for which HUUMë does not claim ownership or other right.

Modification, publication, transfer, distribution, presentation or any other action of the entire Platform or certain part of the Platform for commercial or other purposes is prohibited without the written consent of HUUMë.

2. Personal data

HUUMë will collect all personal data from Users and visitors in accordance with Law no. 06/L -082 on Protection of Personal Data. HUUMë will not transfer the personal data of the Users to third parties.

3. Consumer protection

HUUMë will take care to implement Law no. 06/L-034 on Consumer Protection. HUUMë will make sure that the photos, product descriptions, and other data related to the products produced by HUUMë show the truth, so that the consumer is informed about the products.

4. Entry into force of the Terms of Use

The Terms and Conditions enter into force in the following cases: (1) On the date of their signature by both parties, in hard copy, and (2) At the time of registration of the User and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions. Also, the Terms and Conditions will remain in force if the User remains registered on the HUUMë Platform.

5. Language of Terms of Use

The main language of these Terms and Conditions will be Albanian, regardless of whether these Terms are translated into several languages.

6. Dispute resolution

Disputes or claims of the parties, which are related to this contract, will be resolved by the Basic Court in the residence of the User, and the applicable law will be the law of Kosovo.

HUUMë reserves the right to initiate an enforcement procedure for unfinished payments, avoiding the initiation of a contested procedure.

7. Final provisions

If any part of the terms is found to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable by a Court in Kosovo, the other parts of the Terms and Conditions will survive.

If these terms are translated into several languages, the main language will be Albanian. The interpretation of the terms will also be governed by the Albanian language.

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